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We are a mobile first company but web is on the cards too.

For video content publishers:

More and more Pakistanis around the world are watching Pakistani videos online. Video sharing sites are enabling a new era of oppertunities. The viewers are increasing at an exponential rate.

The current state of technology allows us to produce and share content with such ease that there is no reason to not see the growth we all deserve.

But all is not well. Original content producers are not increasing in Pakistan as they should. On the other side, great potential is being left unappreciated. And the ad revenues on video sharing sites are not increasing at the rates that they can.

In case of Pakistan, the reason for this is the lack of a centralised platform to showcase and watch Pakistani content. While major media producers are able to reach greater audience on television, video sharing websites and social media, there is need for more and there is potential for better.

Whether it's the difficulty in preserving the copyrighted content or the ever strong ad blocking plugins reducing revenues. Big and small producers are not seeing the growth that they could.

Fortunately, more and more people are using mobile apps. The ease of access and mobility enables content consumption like never before. Mobile devices have started to eat into the share of desktop video viewing and while these devices offer video ad revenues, there are no dreaded ad blocking plugins and content theft risks.

With all this in mind, we are undertaking a major initiative to bring all Pakistani content in one place. And bring all Pakistani content lovers to that place. Our goal is to be able to preserve all the great content that is being produced and then bring this content to the audience that appreciates it and hence encourage production of higher quality original content. And we will do it for free for everyone.

Today, a cell phone camera is enough to showcase the talent. Whether its an individual, a group of people working on a project or professionals, we hope to provide everyone with a platform to show what they got and reach the people who can appreciate and reward the potential.

We are calling this platform 'FlixPak'. And our motto is 'watch pakistani'. You can continue sharing your content whereever you like. Our mission and hope is to bring you more viewers where you are already sharing content and encourage quality work. We have made it easier than ever to share your video channels with people who want to watch them. And our promise is that we will continue to improve and encourage.

Let's enjoy great content together.